Good Day - Single

by Figueroa x Majik

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released October 25, 2013




Figueroa San Diego, California

Figueroa is an up and coming Hip-Hop artist from America's finest city: San Diego, California.

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Track Name: Good Day (Prod. by Majik)
[Verse 1]
Rarely do I see a day like this
Normally I wake up every morning feeling like shit
Especially 'cause yesterday was full of bullshit
But I woke up this morning and Goddamn I felt cool, shit
I don't even know what the fuck to do
Shit whip up some eggs, some bacon, and a little toast too
I'm up an hour earlier than I'm supposed to
So maybe I'll just chill and write a couple flows too
And I head out to the perfect Cali weather
Shorts and a T-Shirt, no need for a sweater
Hat and some shades on to keep the sun out of my eyes
Everything is going so smooth man, what a surprise
Headed out just to go kick back at the beach
Chill out with my dudes, maybe smoke on that cheech
Head to the taco shop, hella got the munchies
Lady rang it up wrong, and I got a free bureet

Hanging out with my dudes, no drama
Must've hit that good karma, man this is a good day
Hit the liquor store, didn't get carded
For two 40 ounce bottles, man this a good day
Rolled the perfect blunt, 14 grams strong
Didn't even cough, man this is a good day
After all this shit, we still ballin
Still got green in my wallet, man this is a good day

[Verse 2]
Now we rollin, just crusing through the streets
Music blaring through the speakers, man life is so sweet
Got a fresh pack of Cowboy Killers at hand
Spark one up and just take a good drag
At the spot and we bout to turn up
Take a little bit of ice, put some whiskey in my cup
Homie just came through with another 20 sack
Off a doctors note that said he had some cataracts
So we bout to roll one up, maybe roll a couple more
1, 2, 3 knocks. It's some ladies at the door
Got a chick on one arm, and her homegirl in the other
Shot gunning off the blunt, gettin higher than a mother
Now she's tryna get at me but I'm tryna get at her
And she's tryna get at her, so I have to infer
That we head to the bedroom, maybe get a massage
In reality, we all want a ménage

Cross faded, fresh weed, good whiskey
Got a dude feelin frisky, man this was a good day
Two bad females in my room,
Both be screaming my name soon, man this was a good day
Thing is man I'm way too faded,
Can't remember what they names is, man this was a good day
But I'm bout to play it off just right,
Bout to call it a night. Shit this was a good day