by Figueroa

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released June 23, 2012

Executive Producer: Tanner Blackwell

Co-Producers: Ernesto Figueroa & Gabe Trieu



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Figueroa San Diego, California

Figueroa is an up and coming Hip-Hop artist from America's finest city: San Diego, California.

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Track Name: Blue Sky
Verse 1:
What is up? Yes I’m talking to these blue skies
When you live in a city of Red, those in Blue die
Destined to win, call me that lucky number seven
Lookin up at these clouds, sayin I gotta get into heaven

But I’m a born sinner, no good within
A child of the Lord but we are no longer kin
So I guess I’m with the Devil and it’s time for you to pay
On my Kevin Hart, You gon learn today

So sit back, pay attention to my lessons
I’m telling you what not to do, call these my confessions
I messed up. bumped my head, inside of this girl, who was my friend
Ain’t gon lie, thats a messed way for friendship to end

Here I am, right here, this is me
This is not the way I thought I would end up you see
By now I thought I’d know what the hell i was doing
Sadly in life there is no cure for simply losing

Verse 2:
Next verse is for my haters, those who motivate
Me to become nothing less than great
They say he suck, that dude ain’t ever gon blow
You can talk but I’mma still get it in, Tebow

Now set your TiVo for when I bust up on the screen
Figueroa’s going to be the name that will ring
In your ear, it’ll be the last thing you hear
Especially if 2012 is our final year

If it is oh well, live with no regrets
You want the realest, this is as real as it gets
I’m the best, straight impossible to beat
While I’m winning you just keep falling short, Miami Heat

As I smell that ocean breeze it just puts my mind at ease
Bringing me down to a state of mental piece
The wind blowin through my hair, damn that feels good
Got me dreaming of days I can get up out the hood

Verse 3:
Now listen to me, as I deliver these rhymes
I’m runnin out of lines but this beat is runnin out of time
My mind, wants nothing less than a win
So let’s see if we can fit another 16 in

Can I do it? Yes I can. Can I do it? Well damn
Let’s just see, how this game plays out
And I stayed out like I’m locked out, Dwight Howard boxed out
Switch the game up, Yeezy pace, bust the Roc out

An MC like Rakim, but I’m just getting started
When I burst up on the scene y’all seen a kid broken hearted
And I’m still broken, but I’m slowly fixing myself
Beating myself down, living in my mental hell

Of everything I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most
I walk around and feel like nobody can see me, ghost
But they can, but they don’t see what I want em to
They see what others are telling them and none of thats the damn truth

Defeat: the only thing I will not accept
Even if it’s inevitable still I shall not digress
From my progression as I’m headed to the top
One way street, no sir, I won’t stop

Until I am the best, legendary, Kobe
Quit looking at me weird, quit acting like you know me
Because you don’t, hell I don’t even know myself
That don’t make me special, makes me like everybody else

I’ve seen some lovely things but you’re the loveliest I’ve seen
I wish I could ignore you, like you ignore me
I need you? Nah, that ain’t true
Standing alone is better than standing with the people who hurt you

“It’s always my fault” that's what I’m lead to believe
It’s not your fault? Something i just can’t conceive
Was it fun, for you to watch me fall apart?
I’ve been looking to these Blue Skies from the very start

And my heart, it keeps beating
Staring at these mental wounds, they keep bleeding
My life, it’s filled with all these failed tries
What is up? Yes I’m talking to these blue skies
Track Name: Restriction (Prod. By Gabe Trieu)
Verse 1:
I’m locked up, but you already know that
But my name, it’s destined to be a throwback
30 years, they’ll mention me with Pac and Nas
Sounds overconfident, but I know my lyrics raw

But right now, I’m dealing with these haters
By the end they will respect me like a father, Darth Vader
Using force to make it in the game
Into your ears, I am forcing my name

Spittin’ hard, and comin out the west
Words hit like bullets, tearin through your vest
But this music wasn’t made for the streets
If thugs had my thoughts, they wouldn’t sleep

But who am I, y’all say I’m just a kid
Well then, look what society did
One question: do you wish to be deceased
Craziest player in the game: Metta World Peace

Am I crazy? Am I psycho?
Give me a lighter, and I might blow
Up a gas station, you don’t know me
Or what I’m capable of, when I’m lonely

Am I schizo? Am I insane?
Or, do I have a perfectly fine brain
Well, when I needed help nobody would listen
You only know what you hear, restriction

Verse 2:
They say tomorrow holds a brighter day
If I don’t get to see tomorrow then is that okay?
Because there's a greater chance of dying than there is living
So I say wakin up feels a bit more better than giving

But what y’all really fail to understand
Is that you shouldn’t settle for being some other man
I’d rather die than be second best
That’ll be the driving factor behind my success

I’m slowly climbing that ladder to fame
And I’m sorry if I lose a few people along the way
But yo, it’s actually something I gotta do
I can’t give up my dream, for you

I’m sorry if that hurts you, alright?
But guess what? This is my life
There’s only one person who could make me quit the game
Don’t trip, she already know her name


See what y’all don’t recognize is how much this means to me. This music has become my life. This music has become me. And oh I know that I shall blow and this will all pay off. But til that day, I’ll stay working, never a day off.

Hook x2
Track Name: Reckless
Real recognize real, but how does fake feel?
To ease the pain, we slow it down, we take pills
Pop that ex, pop that tech
Lay you down to rest in the graveyard of regret

Cause I warned you, I am not something to mess with
Now you left a mess, this whole thing is reckless
I’ll wreck this, until theres nothing left
And I won’t rest until you all know that I’m the best

Verse 1:
My hoodie stay up, call it Treyvon
I make this music so you got something to hate on
But y’all gon go and leave it on Anonymous
Mad because my name is slowly bein synonymous

With greatness. That is what we lackin in these streets
Nod the wrong way and they quickly assume beef
It ain’t even safe to go and walk these streets by yourself
So don’t question why these dudes keep nine millis in they belt

Pop a tech, cash a check money by the boatload
Get that crack, push it back, thats the way the game goes
Oh you see it now, this what you really want
You wanna be hard, but you can’t even front

Cuz if you weak, you might end up dead in these streets
But if you tough you might go and get ahead in these streets
But wankstas, fillin up this living hell
All the real gangstas, they either dead or in jail


Verse 2:
I’m the rebirth of Illmatic
Ain’t ever struck out so I’m still at the plate and I’m still battin
And I’mma still go hard
You already know that this boy, he got bars

And y’all wanna see me, but you ain’t even know my name
You tryna call me out, but you ain’t even know the game
I barely know it myself but I’m tryna get in
If you really want beef, are you tryna get lit?

Y’all need to sit, take a breath
Before I get caught up and you meet the Angel of Death
You need to calm down, before you get ahead of yourself
Messing with the streets is just bad for your health

And I mean it, this is not a game to play with
It’s been so long and these dudes still on the same shit
They live free, they die fast
And they always shoot first, ask questions last

Track Name: My Street (Prod. by Gabe Trieu)
Verse 1:Ernesto
Yo let me tell y’all about this Figueroa
He thinks he’s hard, thinks he’s the rebirth of Hova
But really, he’s kind of a jerk
Thinks he’s cool because he can clevely arrange some words

But this is Ernesto, and originally this was my dream
I let this music change me, I thought it was a good thing
This started off as a way to release my creativity
But I ended up bein good at it, so it became a career to me

My main focus actually used to be school
But this music consumed my life, turned me into a fool
Nowadays I have to refer to Ernesto in third person
I’ve turned into Figueroa, and Figueroa’s a worse person

See he’s the one who ain’t above the influence
Old me would’ve said “Hell No” to the chronic spliffs
See Ernesto, he misses his old life
If I could go back I’d change all my wrongs to rights

This is my street. This is my mind
This is my life. This is my time
This life, well yeah I hate it
But guess, Ernesto made it

Verse 2: Figueroa
Oh look, they shy boy came out his shell
Tryna do me like Freddy, go and send me to hell
I’m more of a man than you could ever be
I’ll split you A-B-C. Human Centipede

Man, you’re just mad because I’m actually doing something
People love me, with you they felt nothing
Besides I made our life better than you ever could
I’m taking all the shots that you never would

See Ernesto was the quiet kid who never took any chances
Sat there to himself, never spoke up in classes
But me, I’m bout to be rocking stages
Have the Figueroa name remembered for ages

Because I’m actually making something of my life
I’m actually trying to do things right
So don’t hate me for chasing that cheddar
Had I gone your path, would we be any better?

This is my street. This is my mind
This is my life. This is my time
This life, yeah boy I love it
Guess what, Figueroa’s above it

Verse 3:
E- Remember dude, you could’ve been an engineer
F- I’ll blow up, just give me a year
E- Remember _______, and how much she meant to you
F- Man her, I got over that in a day or two

E- But didn’t she leave because you neglected her
F- I was working, shows how much I meant to her
Enough with the questions, I’m done answering to you
Figueroa is the only name that I will answer to

Track Name: Two Weeks
Verse 1:
One thing about my mind is that it’s just so insane
I can barely comprehend half of the bullshit in my brain
Take a pill to ease my pain, some pills to ease my thoughts
Now we just need a pill to go and fix a broken heart

I am like this way too often and I need to find a cure
A bullet to the brain’s the only way that’ll work for sure
But you can’t give up, you got so much to live for
Well I’m givin this all I got, but could I give more?

I don’t know, I’m just taking it as it comes to me
And right now fame seems to be the only thing that could run from me
I am Kobe on the court, taking shots and I don’t miss
So I am a shooting star. When you see me make a wish!

Verse 2:
Lately my life has just been so hectic
I’m surprised that by now I haven’t gone and wrecked it
But my minds still racing, going at it’s maximum
But in your eyes my maximum just isn’t fast enough

But guess what, I don’t care what you think
No matter what hits me, I will float I will not sink
Talk all you want but still I will go hard
People talkin bout me, saying that boy got bars

But y’all look down on me for going down a certain path
Y’all look down on me for going down a certain path
Caught me in the hallways and I was making greatness
Five years from now I’ll be on everybody’s playlist

Verse 3:
Destined for greatness, I’m headed to the top
In the darkness I sit, but no I won’t stop
Been called everything; fake, rude, dumb, and wack
They said that I couldn’t rap because my skin wasn’t black

But I’m proving em wrong, can you hear me now?
Half of you haters wouldn’t even come near me now
And I will make it big, I’ll prove you all wrong
Underground King with a buzz bigger than King Kong
Track Name: Everytime You Go
Verse 1:
Man, what the hell we doing here
We started arguing now you yelling out my ear
And I’m gettin in your face, in it I see the fear
You look into my ears and you see they start to tear

Girl, how the hell did we end up like this
Used to be good but now all we do is fight, shit
You can’t even front like you like this
When every other night, you end up cryin

Well, maybe we should move on
Have that last kiss, tell each other stay strong
But girl, I don’t wanna move on
I don’t know what to do when this loves gone

And I’m praying that it don’t happen either
Every word you say hittin hard like either
Realize I need you more than you need me
You the only person on this earth that could read me

But what is this all about
Said that you loved me, had no doubts
Quit saying sorry, quit talking now
You got a lot to say while you walking out

Verse 2:
Been a week since you left and i still feel nothing
I thought we were real, hell I thought we were something
That’s whats messed up about this love thing
One person could just walk away like it’s nothing

I play that day in my head on repeat
We was yeling like you had find out I was cheating
Hell thinking about it just leaves me steaming
To think, this all for you leaving

My pain needs easin so I might pop a couple pills
Take couple drinks just to get rid of how i feel
Still can’t believe that any of this is real
You were my world, so how you expect me to feel

Is it love? Is it hate?
Is it that awkward feeling from our first date?
Do you still remember our first kiss?
I was so nervous, well I actually missed

Well that’s all in the past now
These feeling are making me just wanna pass out
And not wake up, guess this my last vow
I’m done fighting, I guess I gotta back down
Track Name: Run It Back
If this your favorite song, run it back
Everybody sing along, run it back
Stop playing, run it back
Can’t hear what y’all saying, run it back
(repeat x4)

Baby girl told me run it back, Iyaz - Replay
Comin to you live in your ear no delay
Tell you what, we coming with the full gun attack
I’m on my Barry Sanders, All-Star running back

Give something back, I only take what I give
And I give 100% so what are you left with
Hey, I’m just a dumb kid
But I only spit real, I ain’t down with fakeness

But you fake little kids all rappin on that Barbie flow
And your rhymes synthetic, just like that Barbie hoe
I’m sorry though, for pointing out the truth
But you all messed up for allowing me into this booth

Verbal murderer on the loose, I had life without parole
But I had to go and bust myself outta the hole
No soul left in me, ruined by the hatin
Waited four long years, just for Graduation


Verse 2:
And we bout to go hard on em
Derrick Rose, bout to put the IR on em
Hard on em, but I’m the one who mami said bought em
She got the Gucci, the Louis, the Fendi, the Prada, the red bottoms

Real dumb shit, so stupid dude
But if you could sell your soul to Lucifer is that would you do?
“Nah dude, I don’t do that.”
What if brought you money and fame? Then would you do that?

What we fail to realize is that we love to criticize
But we hate when others are critical of our own lives
We should open our own eyes to all of our damn lies
And keep trying to make it till the day we day

Stop spreading lies, you let’s get it in
We are the best. So we settle for wins
So let’s run it back, tell that boy to gun it back
Barry sanders flow, All-Star running back
Track Name: Dream Girl
Verse 1:
Baby girl I know it’s hard now
I know it sucks that your man’s so far now
But you know that I gotta do work
And I won’t settle for less than first

So it’s gonna take some time, I gotta make some rhymes
But I promise it’ll be worth these lone nights
But trust me, I understand
If you can’t handle me being your man

I get it, I’m difficult
But don’t they say that this love thing is difficult
Just leave me to myself, pitiful
But if you stay, things could be so pitiful

I promise you, it’ll be alright
Just hold on for one more night
If you hold on, we can get through this
And I’ll admit when I was wrong. I was dumb, foolish

You were the best thing that ever happened in my life
To think I almost threw it away for one fight
My selfish pride always gettin in my way
My selfish pride always ruins a good day

But sometimes you just gotta swallow it
Made me realize my dream now I gotta follow it
Follow it right to the big leagues
Big city, bright lights, big teams, big things

Verse 2:
Heart racing faster than a Mercialago
Got me feelin like Derrick Rose in Chicago
She got me feeling like an MVP
Other dudes see her, they gon envy me

But I just go and brush em off
They like dirt on your shoulder, you just gotta brush it off
Or cut em off, before they ruin your life
They’ll give you everything wrong, though it feels so right

It’s weird how the best things are so bad for you
I know it’s wrong, but I did what I had to do
It’s a hard time, so I know we gon struggle
But I’m committed to the game, addicted to the hustle

And I gotta hustle hard or I gotta go home
I promise I will never leave you alone
Straight to the top, me and you goin
Tell Jay and Ye we takin over the throne

See, when I think of her everything just kind of melts away. I realize that all the bullshit in my life doesn’t matter and I need to focus on the big things. She helps me through those rough times, when I lose my will to keep working. And she just gives me hope that tomorrow holds a brighter day. But who is she? You may ask. Is she my girlfriend? My lover? A crush? Does she know she’s my it girl? Does she know she exists? Do I? Or is she just a figment of my imagination? A fantasy girl of sorts? Well... That’s for me to know. The answer is locked away in the inner safes of my mind. And only one person has the key. That person is not me. That person is her. So if I find her, I’ll know for myself. But until then, I’m just talking.
Track Name: Starry Eyed
Verse 1:
Yeah, a superhero from the birth
Life’s a rat race, won’t settle for less than first
And I may speak on something you don’t believe in
But if they call me a sell out, I pray they talking arenas

I’m praying, to get sent up to heaven
Praying that some dude come and sprays me with a Mac-11
But I hide behind this music, incase shit pop
Cause if I die, then who the hell gon save hip-hop

Superhero minus the cape and the mask
And add on the fact that there is no weakness I have
Or maybe my weakness is this music
Without it, who knows what the hell I’d be doing

Got a homie, he off that same shit that shook Pimp C
He in a downward spiral, can’t say it more simply
And I can’t help him, I gotta help myself
I’m sorry lord, I understand if you needa send me to hell

Verse 2:
This life’s a pain in the neck
When you looking through the mail, always bills never a check
But still we on that daily grind
Waiting for the payoffs of working that nine to five

My parents do that, real hustle ain’t the streets
Real hustle is when you can take care of your family
I just take care of myself, real selfish
But sometimes I feel so alone, I can’t help it

These lies I tell myself, the only things that get me by
If I didn’t lie, I’d probably have to go and die
At least then, I’d escape my mental hell
Only person I truly fear, is myself

So I ain’t running from nobody, ain’t running from no shotty
But if I get hit up please, leave no bodies
Cut me up. Feed me to the fish
Because I don’t want my mom to have to bury one her kids
Track Name: Ain't My Style
Verse 1:
Before you walk away, why don’t you try and talk to me
We used to be the best of friend but now we bitter enemies
Mad cuz I’m progressing, that’s something you lacked
All you could do was talk trash behind my back

But talk all you want little homie, I am fine with that
I’ll be rockin stages, you’ll be asking “you want fries with that?”
It’s funny how we had the same goal right?
But you got sidetracked quick, I’m moving on in life

I gave you way too many chances
Thought we was homies, but you took me for granted
But you’re the one who right now could use a friend
But you messed up, so I severed all ends

And I’m not sorry, it’s something I had to do
Cuz I couldn’t associate with a rat like you
I trusted you. You were supposed to have my back
Guess I can only trust myself, and that’s fact

Verse 2:
Now girls are a whole different story with this trust thing
Because with them you got that little love thing
And they’ll also mess with you mentally
Could even leave you blaming yourself potentially

Like, what could she see in him? What could she see in me?
If all men are the same then why am I the one hurting?
You said you couldn’t trust me, but I had no reason to trust you
Everybody warned me about you, but I refused to believe it was true

So maybe that one was my fault, NO what am I saying?
You still messed up. Had me in the game you was playing
But I’m done, I’m tired of being used
So to everyone who fucked me over, I’m completely done with you

To all of you who talked shit behind my back
To all the girls who said I was just too wack
You’re not better, not by a long shot
And you don’t need to be a critic to know that this songs hot
Track Name: Champion (Prod, by Gabe Trieu)
Crowd hyped up, blood pumpin
Yeah, this the start of something
I promised y’all I would get it in
Going for the finish, going for the win

Verse 1:
I was born a winner, you can’t doubt that
Everyone has a hidden talent, and I found that
I’m the best thing that could’ve happened to this industry
Now all I need is somebody to listen to me

You know if I get on the track I’ll just straight wreck it
Stay reckless, keep it up til the last possible second
Throwin up the game winner
Takin the last shot, you know I’m finna

Do whatever I gotta do to get into heaven
Only need four, who the hell need seven?
I’m talking a clean sweep
Always workin, and y’all wonder why I never sleep

Because I’m always on my hustle
Got rings for days, I’m on my Bill Russell
We step in and you got nothing to say now
San Diego holds down, R.I.P. to Junior Seau

Crowd hyped up, blood pumpin
Yeah, this the start of something
I promised y’all I would get it in
The champions, the champions
Yeah this goes out to the champions
The champions, we champions
Yeah this a take over of the champions

Verse 2:
I am not something to mess with
Oh if you “above” me, let’s see if you can bless this
Or check this when you get hit in the chest from a four-fifth
I’m not to mess with, do you finally get it?

Friends turn to strangers, strangers to enemies
Somebody catch a body, now tell me what is left of me
Cuz if I kill you and you kill me
Then who the hell comes next cuz death comes in threes

But nah, I’mma stay livin
Rookie of the year, Blake Griffin
But then who gon die next?
Should’ve been nobody to begin with

But somebody always wanna start beef
And it’s always the one dude who don’t know me
Well if you want beef, that’s what you got B
Who is that laid out on the ground, that is not me


Verse 3:
This for the champs of the streets: the John Gotti’s
We on field, hoisting up that lombardi
Yo cuz we the players with the big names
But we win important games, ain’t talkin LeBron James

We the ones who hustle hard, and never give up
And those dreamers down below, to us they look up
I promised y’all I would get it in
Yeah let’s win, let the games begin

Hook x2
Track Name: Grown
Verse 1:
I wake up in the morning just to look at myself in the mirror
Damn, how the hell I end up here
Seems like yesterday I was just a little kid
Now I’m on my grown man shit

I’m bout to move on to my next chapter in life
And all these changes in life, I will have to abide
Mom, you should be proud of your boy
No longer coming off the bench, Randy Foye

Fought from the bottom in the darkness forsaken
Won’t stop til I leave heads spinning like Daytons
You know they say money make the world go round
My life a title fight, this is just the first round

Going after that money and lord knows I’ll make it
Every oppurtunity, lord knows I’ll take it
Bout to be put in the world on my own now
Damn lord, I guess I’m grown now

Verse 2:
People telling me “Don’t let the fame change you
“Don’t let it turn you into some strange dude”
Took me awhile to become what I’m satisfied with
So I can’t go and let some dollars change shit

Made too many promises, have way too many commitments
To just get up and leave the ones who were actually listening
Nah, I can’t do that
It may be what you want but nuh-uh I can’t do that

I write so I can understand my pain
Finna catch a cold from the ice in my veins
Got nothing to lose, but everything to gain
But y’all acting like you can’t feel me, novacane

So I vacate the premises, leave yo ass stranded
One way trip to life has just landed
Hip-hop is alive, and I’m the reason why
I mean as long as I’m in the game, how could I let it die


Verse 3:
Failure’s not an option, success the only route
But when I say it, y’all don’t get what it’s about
I’m still praying, because I gotta keep my faith
It’s the only reason I can still look you in the face

I messed up, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to
I want to be sweet, but inside I’m such a mean dude
I’m such an asshole, I understand why you couldn’t love me
Egotistical, I hold nothing above me

And I can’t, because it’s me against the world
A one man army, don’t have time for a girl
It’s been four years, and the goal hasn’t changed
I’m still chasing after the money and the fame

I know this just a game, but this game is my heart
This game is a race, this is just the start
I’ve been lost, but with this I am found
My life a title fight, this is just the first round

Hook x2